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Opal Concept V3
Super rough slightly old sketch of Opal's redesign + slightly altered bio.  She's older now :P

-Name: Arctic Opal

-Nickname(s): The Ice Mage of the Crystal Mountains, Snowflake Mage, Opal (only by her fiancé, and close family or friends), Mage, Snow Queen.

-Age: 26

-Gender: Mare

-Species: Unicorn

-Residence: Luna Bay (birthplace) Ice Cave in the Crystal Mountains (current)

-Allegiance: Her family was loyal to princess Luna, but she now lives under her own jurisdiction




-Mother: Wishful Legend (Unicorn)

-Father: Clashing Dusk (Batpony)

-Siblings: N/A

-Bio: She was born in a small village on Luna Bay, at midnight during a massive snowstorm.  At her birth, she received a navy blue cloak with a magic opal gem that closed it.  She didn’t know it yet, but this gem had magical powers inside it.  Her father was in the lunar guard, and was often away from home.  As a result, Arctic Opal was mostly raised by her mother.  Her mother was a powerful elemental mage amongst the villagers, and she taught Opal how to use her magic.  After many years of training in elemental magic, she discovered that her strongest element was ice, so she continued her training in that field of magic.  A few years later, she met a Batpony stallion named Shielded Moon, who was training to be a member of the Lunar Guard.  Opal became very fond of this stallion over time, and he shared her affections.  A few months later, Shielded Moon asked Opal to be his marefriend, to which she happily accepted.  The two enjoyed a wonderful, peaceful romance for 3 years, and one day, on a sunny spring morning, he finally proposed to her.  The two were to be married a month later, but before that day came, Shielded Moon was called into battle, and had to leave for Canterlot immediately.  It was many weeks of waiting and worry for Opal, until she received the news that her fiancé was killed in battle.  She was devastated, and any good that may have been in her at the time was destroyed.  So she did what anypony with a passionate spirit such as hers would do: she ran away, taking the cloak with her. She made a home deep into the Crystal Mountains, inside an ice cave.  While she was there, she also befriended a yeti, and made it her pet.  Arctic Opal continued to live in the mountains, claiming them as her own.  When ponies would pass through her domain, she would have her yeti capture them, and if they didn’t have a good enough reason for trespassing, she would freeze them, and put them in her ice sculpture collection.  This began with thieves and pirates, who wanted the magic gem from her cloak, but eventually she became very cynical and untrusting, and never believed anypony’s stories, as many had lied to her to try to steal her cloak or kill her.



-Attitude: Cynical, Hostile, Icy, Manipulative, Can detect when somepony is lying, Untrusting, Passionate, Sucker for romance, Speaks poetically when talking about romance.

-Likes: Ice, Snow, The cold, Her magic cloak, Her pet yeti, Romance.

-Dislikes: Heat, Liars, Thieves, Anyone who threatens her, Trespassers, Ice Puns.

-Fears/Phobias: She used to be afraid of the dark as a filly, but many years of facing monsters and thieves have removed her sense of fear altogether.



-Flaws: She is a bit too cynical for her own good, and has trouble trusting others.  She is also a bit morally twisted, as she will freeze anypony she doesn’t like and put them in her sculpture collection (which is made entirely of frozen ponies) and actually enjoys it.  She also collects ponies, which is pretty creepy.



-Significant relationships?: Shielded moon (Fiancé, was killed in battle)

-Best friend(s): her pet yeti.

-Worst enemy: Whoever killed her Fiancé—she still seeks revenge on this unknown soldier.

-Hobbies: Collecting frozen ponies, Practicing her ice magic, Reading romance novels.

-Occupation: N/A




-Cutie Mark: Unknown(obscured by her cloak, which she always wears)


-Abilities/Talents: She is a skilled Ice Mage, and has extremely powerful ice magic, strong enough to freeze a small lake completely.  She uses these powers to protect her domain and freeze trespassers.  She also likes to create tiny ice castles in her free time.



-Personal quote: “who are you, and why are you here?” 

Because we hit 200 watchers xD

you can ask me or any of my OCs anything, as long as it's kept PG.  Also be sure to specify who the question is for if you're asking an OC ^^;

Have fun, and thanks to everyone who's watched me! :D


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I'm an aspiring voice actress and former MLP analyst on YouTube :) in addition to being a brony, I am also a Pokéfan, Whovian, and huge fan of all things Disney Fairies :) everything on my deviantart page is 100% hand drawn(i draw it on paper first, then clean it up in photoshop) oh, and I also like to role-play xD

*Avatar drawn by :iconbronycooper: ^^

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